A Five Dollar Date

I don’t date Mr. Coppertop as often as I should, but this morning we were able to break away for a little bit and have a fun morning together. The mom’s group at my church does a childcare morning every few months, where you can drop your kiddos off, for a couple hours and do whatever your heart chooses.(How cool is that?!)  So Mr. Coppertop took a little time off to meet up with me for a coffee date… Continue reading “A Five Dollar Date”

Building Great Relationships by Asking Great Questions

I met an amazing question asker this week. I know, kind of a weird thing to pick up from meeting someone, but let me tell you, it made such an impression on me.  She was so warm and so inviting, simply by the considerate questions she asked, as well as, the way she intentionally listened to my responses. So much so, that I was worried that I might run away with talking only about myself… Continue reading “Building Great Relationships by Asking Great Questions”

30 Day Declutter Challenge

I used to think I needed to be more organized, but I’m beginning to realize that I just need less stuff. I opened my junk drawer, (the one I’ve already organized at least four times since we moved into this house five months ago) to rearrange the same disheveled junk. What do I need with thirty pens, ten magnets, and four pairs of scissors? In this drawer alone, we have a 6/1 pen-to-person ratio, and one of our family members cannot even hold a pen. Not to mention the other two are banned from ink…that leaves Mr. Coppertop and I with fifteen pens apiece for any given moment. Insert goal: get rid of ridiculous amount of pens. Continue reading “30 Day Declutter Challenge”

Choosing to Live Simple

I recently listened to a podcast where the hosts were discussing stress levels today vs. the stress levels of generations past. These two women, having already raised their families, talked about how life seemed more stressful now, even though they weren’t in the thick of motherhood, simply for the fact that they had more stuff, more options, and more decisions to make about their stuff and options. Lol. Did you catch that? Continue reading “Choosing to Live Simple”

DIY Natural Lotion With Frankincense and Geranium

Looking for a hard-core, natural, chemical-free moisturizer for this winter? This natural lotion is one of my favs. This is a lotion bar recipe, meaning it is hard at room temperature but will melt as it is rubbed onto the skin. It is a concentrated moisturizer and is perfect for the extra dry skin that sometimes occurs with the colder temperatures. Continue reading “DIY Natural Lotion With Frankincense and Geranium”

Progress vs. Perfection-Finding Encouragement In Our Progress

“Focus on the progress you’re making. Thank God for it and pave your journey with grace.” I read these words this morning from Lysa Terkeurst’s Unglued. They stood off the page to me, completely out of context with her subject but applicable to my current frame of mind. I’m unglued alright, I’m a mom. Need I say more?
Continue reading “Progress vs. Perfection-Finding Encouragement In Our Progress”

Curing the Winter Blues With Some February Fun

I packed up the last of the snowmen yesterday. Not that it’s done snowing, but maybe if I put them away it’ll take a hint and skedaddle 😉 To take their place, I pulled out a handful of Valentine decorations. All three of them. One of them is a Valentine weiner dog whose ears and tail shake when it sings rock’n’roll love songs. (Thank you, In-laws) Continue reading “Curing the Winter Blues With Some February Fun”

Achieving Your Bigger Goals by Using a Little Self-Control

Walking into Chick-fil-A, I give myself the pep talk … Grilled chicken salad and a bottle of water…..grilled chicken salad and a bottle of water….grilled chicken salad and a bottle of water…. I stand in the lunch hour line…Grilled chicken salad and a bottle of water…I arrive at the counter and the friendly looking guy in the grease-stained cap asks the dreaded question, “What can I get for you today?” I open my mouth “Grilled—ya know what? Never mind, I’ll take the number nine. Go ahead and made that a large. Oh, and would you mind throwing in one of those chocolate chip cookies to go? Ok. Thanks. Continue reading “Achieving Your Bigger Goals by Using a Little Self-Control”