Tales of a Mall Tantrum

I took my kids back to that dreaded place today. I shudder to even write it…the Mall. Last time we were there, I made the grave mistake of thinking my two-year-old and four-year-old were capable of sharing a sweet treat from Jamba Juice, after playing in the germ-infested play area. What’s a little sugar to top off the mall experience, right?
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Five Healthier Alternatives to Drinking Soda

One of the first things to go when we started our natural journey was my excessive pop/soda drinking. I cringe thinking about how much of this beverage we consumed on a daily basis. We usually had cases of Dr. Pepper (which was Mr. Coppertop’s favorite) and a case of Sprite or Diet Coke around for me. Continue reading “Five Healthier Alternatives to Drinking Soda”

(Part 2) Healing My Body and Making it Habitable-My Natural Journey to Fertility

Make sure you read my last post introducing our natural journey to fertility. I’m not a doctor, this is just my story… Continue reading “(Part 2) Healing My Body and Making it Habitable-My Natural Journey to Fertility”

Healing My Body and Making it Habitable- My Natural Journey to Fertiltiy

I feel like I have met more and more women recently who are struggling with first or secondary infertility. I’m not sure if it’s because I have gone through it myself that I see it more or because it truly is becoming a more common issue among women in our generation. Continue reading “Healing My Body and Making it Habitable- My Natural Journey to Fertiltiy”

Confessions From This Modern-Day Martha

I feel a bit disingenuous because last week I was heralding spring and this is week we are back to the wintery side of life. While I would love to see spring, I’m not complaining. This brief, March snowfall was just what I needed.   Continue reading “Confessions From This Modern-Day Martha”

Raising Kids to Survive Plenty OR Poverty

My grandma was a product of the Great Depression. Learning to survive during those years of economic downturn truly affected how she lived the rest of her life. I can now understand why she hoarded random containers, and refused to let anything go to waste. Living to survive meant working hard, being frugal, and looking out for each other. Continue reading “Raising Kids to Survive Plenty OR Poverty”

Ways to Create Learning Experiences For Your Kids at Home

“Tell Me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

One of the things with having small children is their need to follow us around. Maybe it’s just mine… but if I walk out of the room, they typically drop what they are doing to see what I am up to. Sometimes I receive this well and other times, I would just like to go to the bathroom in peace. You know what I mean? Continue reading “Ways to Create Learning Experiences For Your Kids at Home”

Is Spring Here?

The kids are yelling for me to join them on the couch as they look out the big, back window. Jovie has made a life-altering discovery… “MOM! There are teeny-tiny flowers blooming in the backyard!!! Look! Look!” Our half-dressed, two year old echoes the excitement,  “Loo! Loo! Mommy!” Continue reading “Is Spring Here?”